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Real case scenario

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I have purchased brainbok and while going thru it I noticed u mentioned very good point related to CONTRACT and CONTRACTS but that has made me little confused I am trying to simulate all the procedures with my previous employment project. Scenario is - Tender Board (TB) ( Government body who wants automated procurement and e-tendering solution) XYZ is the company who gave bid document along with other companies for the project and it got approved and sanctioned to XYZ. Now in above case I was TB employee with TB IT team but we had continuous interaction and intervention with XYZ IT development team. Could you please explain in above case which body would be creating CHARTER and PM PLAN, who would give contract to whom etc, which would project performing organisation As a fundamental thing - TB will be BUYER/Sponsor and XYZ would be SELLER that's the only thing I could relate ...I am little confused on other parts.

Can somebody elaborate the things??


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    I think this is a fairly common scenario.

    1. If TB has their own project, and the part contracted to XYZ is a piece of the overall project, then TB would have its own project charter, project management plan and manage the project at its end, with XYZ has one of the contractor. At the same time, XYZ would have its own project charter (with TB as the customer/sponsor), project management plan, and manage the contracted work as a separate project in itself.

    2. If TB has completely contracted the entire work to XYZ and is not doing any part of the project in-house, then XYZ should be creating the charter, the project management plan, and managing the entire project with TB as the customer/sponsor.

    In summary, XYZ (contractor) would most probably have its own charter and project management plan in both the cases.

    Hope that answers your question.

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