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Project management Experience for PMP Exam

Hi Harwinder,

While filling up the PMP exam application form [under the project management experience section] the following lines confuse me. I asked a few people and everyone has a varying opinion.

-----------------Verbatim from PMI Website-----------------

Project management experience dating back at least three years from application submittal date.

Project management experience not dating back further than eight years from the application submittal date.

Please Note: If experience outside of acceptable time frame is submitted, experience hours will be pro-rated.

Months are calculated by counting the non-overlapping months for your project that fall within the allowed time period.

My Question -- I have project experience spread evenly across eight years. Is there a limitation of which projects[Specific years] I can mention in the application.
My interpretation -- Only list projects which are more than 3 years old but not older than 8 years.

Thank you in advance.




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