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Ethics questions related to accepting gifts

Hi, I tried looking up details in the PMI Code of Ethics and other study material but do not get a clear hang of how to handle questions relating to accepting gifts

Few situations which I came across in the questions I attempted
1. Gifts offered early at the start of the project.
2. Gift offered at the end of the project as a reward.
3. Gifts offered to the team.

What should be the correct approach to handle such questions.

I searched through the previous posts but did not find anything relevant, apologies if this is a duplicate.




  • Accepted Answer

    Hello @alok_shukla1

    Welcome to PM Hangout.

    This is a good question and certainly not a duplicate.

    First of all, the chances of such questions appearing on the PMP exam are low after the Aug 2011 changes to the exam.

    It's hard to give an answer that fits all situations. We need to read the question carefully and answer it accordingly. But I've prepared a general guideline for my classroom students. In selecting the correct answer, make sure that the action given in the answer choice does NOT violate the following (ordered from most important to least important):

    • Fundamental human rights
    • Law of the land
    • Company policies
    • Local customs
    • Ethics

    Try to apply this guideline and see whether that helps. If you further questions, feel free to follow-up.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Harwinder for the quick response. People have stated it a 100 times, let me make it 101 -- Pmhangout and Deep Fried brain project are the best resources on the internet for PMI certification aspirants.
    I discovered the blog just by chance very recently and am completely hooked to it. Thanks for all the work for putting it all together.
    We need to identify some method so that the blog appears much higher in the search results on google / bing etc. This will really help the PMI certification aspirants.

  • Thanks Alok, for your very kind words. I'm glad to be of help.

    You can help to improve the search engine ranking by the spreading the word and sharing links in appropriate forums and networks.

    Best regards.

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