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Organization address for PMP application?

edited May 2012 in PM Certifications

My project management experience is across various projects, and countries. I'm trying to fill up Project management experience details (in spreadsheet downloaded from pmprepcast website), and have following questions:

  1. I do understand that i need not put client address in application, and need to use my employer address. However confusion is - do i need to use local address or Headquarter address? For e.g. my employer has 7 locations in India and is having headquarter in Bangalore. Do i use Bangalore address or the location where i worked as manager and executed project? Also, on similar lines my understanding is for each country i will use different address, is that correct?

  2. If my primary contract (manager) then has left the organization, do i need to still provide his reference or can use anyone else in hierarchy who can sign off on experience if my application is audited?

Thanks in advance !!




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