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PMP Success Story - Passed PMP

Another silent reader of the blog. 23rd May 2012, I cleared PMP with 5P’s. It has been a long Journey.

I started referring PM Prep Rita (From office Library) for gaining insight into the daily PM tasks I would do. Then I started implementing new things learnt from the book into my project.

From June 2010 I started studying PMPrep by Rita and was on target to PMP. But I was transferred to an onsite project because of which I had to leave my study plan and concentrate on my new project. I restarted my PMP plan early this year (2012).

Books I referred

· PM Prep by Rita Mulcahy


My Study Plan

· 35 hours course from Infycareer Chennai – These guys are good, They were following up with me for almost 2 years and made me complete the exam.

· PMP Rita - First glance – Understood the concept – Workedout Rita exercise questions – 15 days (3-4 hrs a day)

· PMP Rita – Second Study – Mastered the concept – 15 days (3-4 hrs a day)- understanding and remembering the processes, what tools mean and where can it be used - Started taking Mock Questions – Daily minimum 50 Questions, from various sources

· PMBOK – First Glance –Appreciated and understood the concept now.

· Start understanding ITTO – pls rem its not memorizing

· PMPrep – Rita – Mastered the concepts – The magic three makes u confident

· Headfirst PMP – 2nd Simulation – 85%

· Oliver Lehman 175 – 3rd Simulation - 72%

· Took Practice Questions around 3500 by now

· PMP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers, & Explanations by Christopher Scordo SSI Logic © 2011 , PMP Exam Cram 2

· Oliver 75 – 69%

· PM Study – 77%

· Rita – 75%

· Infy Career Mockup 1 – 77%

· Infy Career Mockup 2 – 78%

Last 5 days of preparation

· Run thru PMPrep Rita – 2 days

· Run through PMBOK – 2 Days

· Your own notes

· ITTO – don’t memorize

· Read Success Stories – Motivation factor

· Last Day – Rajesh Nair notes

· Write and practice formulas and process & KA chart

· Relax –Take rest

Few Tips –

· I would Suggest Read Rita thrice (Twice continuously and then PMBOK and then Rita )

· Read PMBOK Atleast twice.

· When going through Rita for the first time take the book exercise in testing mode (See how much you score)

· Take minimum 50 questions daily and analyse the answers.

· Whenever you take any test after the test make sure you follow the below

o Mark the questions which you are not sure

o See where you went wrong – Read explanation for them.

o See where you were right – Sync up your answer reasoning to the explanation given in the paper (Initially do it for atleast 1000 questions, This synchronizes your thoughts with PMP’s thought)

o Now comes the tricky part – Count all your marked questions and check how many you have scored correctly from the marked ones. Clearing PMP is about taking many unknown unsure questions. During the course you would find that your score of marked questions would increase. This shows that your thoughts have started syncing with PMP’s (Question paper setters) and tough scenario questions. Secret of clearing PMP.

· First take Head first 200 after reading Rita two times, After Completing the Rita thrice and PMBOK twice take Oliver 175, PM Study 200 and other complete mock tests

About the Final Exam, I completed the exam in 3 hours 10 minutes (Took two breaks one in 100 and another after completing 200). Moderately Easy, except for few questions (hardly 26). I had marked 51 Questions and after review reduced it to 26. Felt confident while finishing the exam. 5 P’s was a pleasant surprise for me as I had no expectations on the proficiency level. 4-5 ITTO questions, ~10 problematic questions, 26 tough scenario and confusing questions.

I was almost jumping with joy after seeing the result. One of the miracle moment of my life. Thanks to Blogs, Friends, My wife, Parents and God Almighty.

Important– Exam is just a 4 hours easy task, but preparing for these four hours is really tough. Strong Commitment, Passion and Love for this Credential is the important factor in Achieving Success.

Best wishes for the PMP Aspirants!!!

Thanks & Regards

Mohan Prasad Mani


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