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Why are Change Requests an output of Plan Procurements?

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Why is Change Requests an output of Plan Procurements (Planning process)? Usually change requests are outputs of Executing or Monitoring and Controlling processes. Plan Procurements is the only Planning process that has Change Requests as an output.

Reference: PMBOK Guide, Chapter 12, Page 316



  • It must be an oversight on the PMBOK® Guide. Although, pushing it a little, it might perhaps make sense but only as an exception and not as the norm as it is implied in the PMBOK Guide.

    Depending on the availability of local subcontractors or materials, for example, one sometimes has to adjust details on the deliverables beforehand so procurement could be conducted with less iterations.

    But these adjustments, I believe, could be carried out formally and with better supporting documentation in Conduct Procurements.

    In any event, it seems to me that setting Change Requests as a standard output of Plan Procurements lies, if I may say so, a bit on the excessive side. I might be mistaken, though. I would like to listen to other opinions. Thanks.

  • @raulcid

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    But these adjustments, I believe, could be carried out formally and with better supporting documentation in Conduct Procurements.

    I agree on this statement.

    In the past, I consulted other experienced project manager on this issue, and they were also not able to come up with a convincing answer. In the end we concluded that it was probably an anomaly.

    I'm also eager to hear comments from others, and glad that the debate is now out on a public forum (it should have been done long ago).

  • We have to ask to PMI, but maybe this can be an explanation...when you plan procurements the project management team must take decisions about what to buy and what to do in house... this decisions can cause change request to a previously aproved scope plan, by example

  • @jesusadame

    Thanks for your inputs.

    I'm not quite convinced because any component of the project management plan can undergo changes during Planning, as long as the plan has not been approved and baselined. For example, even when you do Risk Response planning, you can change Scope, Schedule, Cost, HR, Communication, and Procurement Management plans.

    So, the question still remains.

    Best regards.

  • I think as we do Make or Buy decisions in Plan procurements, this can result in Change requests where to buy, lease, build etc


  • Anywhere scope is considered there can be a change request. Planning communications is unlikely to affect scope so no change requests. Planning procurement could cause one to reduce scope to say meet timelines or reduce scope due to costs. Same as planning risks handling.

  • As you know, Changes are made to Project Management Plan (and all subsidiary plans) and also the inputs of each process. Here, you have "Cost Performance Baseline" as an input to "Plan Procurements", and you may understand that based on different criteria and the situation of the market, you need more budget or the funds should be spent in a different manner over time. This is one reason why you have change request as an output to "Plan Procurements".
    I will be waiting for your comments and feedback.

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  • @Hamed_Abedi

    Welcome to PM Hangout. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    I suggest you to read comment #5 above. My basic points still remains:

    1. Change Requests come after the plan has been approved and baselined. As long as the plan is not baselined, you can make changes to it without a formal change request. This is true for all subsidiary plans. I don't see any reason why Plan Procurements in an exception.

    2. PMBOK doesn't explain the reason why Plan Procurements is different, and why Change Requests is an output of this planning process, and not other planning processes. We can make any number of guesses.

    Thanks again.

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