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The Holes in your PMBOK Guide

edited May 2012 in PM Certifications

The PMBOK Guide is the holy Bible of Project Management (or at least that's what PMI would make you believe). But is it really perfect? Have you found inconsistencies or anomalies in the Guide, or things that just didn't make sense? Have you ever felt frustrated reading the Guide?

Though I've seen bits and pieces all over the place, I have not come across a single consolidated list of such issues anywhere on the web. If you have, then please share it with me and this community. But if you haven't then join me in putting together one now.

I already have a list of 10-12 items, which I accumulated over the last several months. But I'm not going to post all of them just yet. I'll get the ball rolling with one item first. As the list grows, I'll keep adding more and more items from my list. I request each one of you to contribute at least one item to the list. Your active participation is important. Remember that this is a community driven site, and not a personal blog.

A few Guidelines to keep in mind before we kick this off:

  1. This thread is only meant to collect the issues. We will NOT attempt to answer / discuss the issues here. For discussions, we have to spawn a separate thread for each topic. You can initiate a separate thread on any topic at any point.

  2. There are no good or bad points here. So do not hesitate to post your points.

  3. The points have to be from the PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition, and not from exam guides (Rita Mulcahy et al.), sample questions or other sources.

  4. Try to mention the chapter / page number of the Guide wherever possible.

  5. Keep it short and simple.

Here's the first item:

Change Requests usually result from Executing, and Monitoring and Controlling processes. Plan Procurements is the only Planning process that has Change Requests as an output. Why?

Over to you now ...



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