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Hello Friends, April 4th was the biggest day in my life. I cleared my PMP exam in 2nd attempt. It took me 4-5 months to prepare myself for this mega event. It took nearly 4 hrs to click Finish button to see 'Congratulation' message on my screen. I want to share my experience with all PMP aspirants. Here it goes:
1- There is nothing called "LUCK". You have to be very aggressive in your study plan. I studied at least 4 hrs(till 2 AM midnight after office hours).
2- Don't take anything as silly. Everything is important (this was the mistake I did in my 1st attempt)
3- Without studying PMBOK standard guide, you are not going to win the battle. Read Rita and HeadFirstLab PMP Exm prep guide. Both these guides will give you confidence.
4- Try at least 800 questions before you go for exam. is a very good product. Try it at least 3 weeks before you take your exam.
5- Don't expect round-nose-catching questions. PMI is very kind in this matter. All questions, for me, were straight-forward.
6- ITTO is the base for everything- just keep this in mind when you see sample or real questions: without ITTO, there is no answer. What I mean is, even if the question is scenario-based, still you can see ITTO is hidden in the answer. So give good attention to learn ITTO- whatever the way you are comfortable: by-memory or understanding the concept.
7- I marked 15 questions. Re-visited these questions in 20 minutes.

I was sobbing when I see the result. I was away with my family and children for all these period, I shouted at them when they disturbed me while I was reading, but when my wife see the final result, she was very-very happy.

Enjoy your life. Good luck


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