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Topics to be studied outside PMBOK

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Anybody have list of topics to be studied for PMP exam but are not mentioned in PMBOK. I tried to find on deepfried ..harwinder please mention the link in case if I missed to locate on your blog


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    Hello @hi2shrads,

    That's an excellent question. Thanks for starting a new thread on this.

    I know what you are asking for. But, I don't have something of that sort on the blog yet. That said, it is not something that I've not thought about before. I'm working on a new tool within BrainBOK that will provide something similar to what you are looking for. But it will take a while to develop. Why don't we start something right here? Let's start creating the list right now. Once we have a sizable number of items on the list, I'll post it on the blog too. I'll give you 10 topics from the top of my head, to get the ball rolling (these are in no particular order):

    1. Project selection methods
    2. Critical Path Method (in detail)
    3. Leadership styles of PM
    4. Point of Total Assumption
    5. Powers of the Project Manager
    6. Delegation
    7. Various Organizational Theories
    8. Team member communication styles
    9. Sources of conflict
    10. Proprietary approaches to quality management

    I said 10, but I'll give you 5 bonus items too:

    1. Various procurement terms
    2. Rolled Throughput Yield
    3. Probability distribution curves and standard deviation (along with 1, 2, 3 sigma values)
    4. Economic Value Added
    5. Journey to Abilene

    My request to you and anyone who's reading this thread is to keep the ball rolling and continue to build upon this list. With everyone's contribution, I'm sure we'll have a comprehensive list very soon.

    Hope that helps.

  • Yes that's what I am looking for ...but can we add one more thing like Topic and related chapter just to avoid confusion so that it's easy to link to PMBOK e.g. Motivational Theory - Maslow's Hierarchy Needs, Herzberg's Hygiene Theory, McClelland, McGregor's Xy ( HR management) ... also it should be reviewed because I am not sure all theses really needed since it's not there in PMBOK

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    The elaboration of each of the topics is going to take time. I suggest that you start that initiative and I'll help to fill in the missing pieces. Since you can edit your posts only for 30 minutes after posting it, I've created a Google Doc and given you the Edit permissions so that you can continue to update it. Here's the link to the document:

    Topics outside of the PMBOK Guide (for PMP and CAPM)

    The document is open to everyone for viewing. If others want to contribute topics, they can post them here on the forum, and one of us can update the document.

    Let me know whether that works for you.

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