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How to Pass the PMP!!

I have worked on projects for many years but have never been a "true" Project Manager in the PMI sense. The first mistake I made was to take a boot camp that relied only on the PMBOK V4. I took a 2 day class with Rita Mucahy's company and followed her stringent guidelines and IT WORKED. This is how I would prepare:

  1. Read a chapter in Rita's PMP Exam Prep (V7) and then go back and "type" the terminology words/process at the beginning of the chapter. This will force you to go back through the chapter almost reading it for a 2nd time.

  2. Follow process #1 for every chapter in the book. I would give myself 2 weeks (about 4 hours per day) to get this done

  3. Answer 30-40 questions at most in PM FasTrack for each chapter, noting any areas you are having concerns with -- call this a GAP in your knowledge so that you can revisit it later

  4. Know Rita's process chart -- it is really not an overkill: JUST DO IT!!

  5. Practice writing out the cost formulas although only a few were on my exam

  6. Be aware: I did have a question on NPV and every point counts so know this formula as well

  7. Study the ITTO's for each chapter (give yourself a week with this but do not memorize) If you understand the chapter, you can usually figure out the answer for an input, tool and technique, and output question

  8. I spent my final 2 weeks before the exam, re-reading Rita's exam prep book one more time

  9. Although I thought the exam was impossible and didn't think for a minute that I had passes, I DID PASS and I feel that Rita's process helped me pull everything together in my mind.

  10. I read the PMBOK 5 months before I took the exam and didn't crack it again --- Use Rita's stuff!! It really works!!


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