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Feedback on this forum - Please post your suggestions

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Dear members,

This is a new forum and less than a week old as of this writing. We are trying to tweak it to best suit the needs of the community. I've started this thread to gather feedback from the community. Some of the points to consider are:

  • Have you faced any issues so far?
  • What do you like about this forum?
  • How can we improve it to better suit your needs?
  • What are the other features that you would like to see on this forum?
  • How can we bring in more members and increase the amount of activity on the forum?

We are open to all constructive feedback.

Thanks for your support.



  • Hi Harwinder,

    Here are a few of my suggestions.

    1. If the posts / comments can be grouped by knowledge area, it will be easy to browse around and I can be sure to have read through all the posts.
    2. Although not related to PMhangout, but links on Deepfriedbrainproject open in a new tab / window. I tend to move away from the original post as links to some other interesting topic in the post will divert my attention.
    3. PMI chapters conducting 35 hr course / REP's can be requested to include the link to the forum in the training material [ I'm attending the session conducted by PMI Bangalore chapter this week and will check the possibility. ]
    4. We'll have to place a bait on the forum to attract the Google spider and increase the site ranking on the search results.


  • Hello Alok,

    These are really good suggestions. Thank you for your feedback. Let me address

    1. It's not possible to tag every post with specific categories such as Knowledge Areas or Process Groups. That's why blogs and forums use labels / tags, which allow for more flexibility. Previously I used to have a "SiteMap" on the blog, but I realized that it got dropped-off from the main page after the recent upgrade. Here's a link to that page:

    It will allow you to get a list of all the blog posts on the site.

    1. The general behavior is to open the links to external websites in a new tab, and links to our own site in the same window. There are pros and cons to both approaches (same window vs. new window), and the current approach seems to be a good compromise.

    2. Things are not as simple as they look on the surface. PMI Chapters are also driven by their own interests (commercial and other). There are many reputed educational institutes that have included links to Deep Fried Brain Project Blog in their training material, but we can't expect everyone to do the same. But I've taken note of your suggestion and will put more effort into this. Any effort that you are others do in this regard will certainly help as well. Thanks in advance.

    3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a field in itself. I do follow some good SEO practices, but I'm not an expert by any means. There are 100s of "PMP Certified" (and other) copycats who blatantly plagiarize content from my blog and trick Google search engine. My own time is also a constraint as this is more of a hobby than a full-time profession for me. If you have specific suggestions, I will surely consider them.

    Thanks again for your genuine feedback.

    Best regards.

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