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Hey folks,
I passed the PMP examination recently and wanted to pass along a few tips that got me through those hard, grind it out hours of preparation. There were lots of up and downs, but focus, persistence, and resilience is the key. The exam is passable, but it is critical to plan your study approach months in advance, similar to planning a project in your line of work. Here are few things that helped me:
• If your planned exam date is at least three months out, I would spend two hours a day during the week and at least three hours a day during the weekend to prepare. This will give you enough time to take practice exams and improve in the areas which are under par.
• Taking regular breaks when needed. Breaking out a 6 hour study day into 3 two-hour periods or 6 one-hour periods is more productive that 1 six-hour period. Studies show your brain can absorb new information when it is in idle mode, so give it a rest from time to time.
• Measure your progress through quizzes and practice exams, in addition, take note of processes that are giving you the most fits. You want to make sure your weak areas are not exposed when you decide to take the final exam.
• Finally, be sure your mind is free of distractions and other stress-inducing factors when studying. However you choose to do this, whether it be more sleep, music, meditation, yoga, you will study better when you’re in a positive mental state.

I wrote a full story of my exam experience which you can read below. Enjoy!


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