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Work Performance Data vs. Work Performance Information vs. Work Performance Reports

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Folks have been asking me to post an update on this topic for PMBOK 5, for several months. Finally, I managed to find some time and posted a new article on the blog:

If you have any questions or comments on the post, please let me know by posting comments either on the blog, or here on PM Hangout forum.



  • As an instructor I think this post was quite detailed and helpful! I'd like to add one idea to it. I'd familiarize myself with where WPD, WPI and WPR are used. If you can figure that out, you'll know where you are if the exam question references one of them.

    So, try to keep up, WPD comes from one place, Direct and Manage Project Work. It goes 9 places, to Validate Scope and every process below it. Where WPD goes in, WPI must come out, also 9 times. All WPI goes to Monitor and Control Project Work, and comes out at WPR. WPR is then used 5 places. Perform Integrated Change Control, Manage Project Team, Manage Comms, Control Risks and Control Procurements.

    Another interesting point is that WPD and WPR overlap in Control Risk and Control Procurements, and these are the only times it happens.

    Once again, why care? Because if the exam references one of them and you know the flow your ability to answer will greatly increase!

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