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Quick Start Guide (please read before posting your first message)

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This is a professional community of project managers, for project managers, and by project managers.

We do not claim to be bigger or better than any other forum out there. But we do promise to create an environment conducive to learning and sharing, and provide value to the community. We encourage freedom of thought, originality and tolerance for a wide range of views. We will try to ensure that discussions remain on the topic, and questions are answered and closed in a timely manner.

A few simple rules of the Game:

  1. We expect the members to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and up hold themselves to the highest standards. By using this forum, you agree to abide by the PMI Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics. If you follow this code of conduct, most of the other things will automatically fall in place.

  2. This forum is provided as a FREE service. We may use limited and relevant advertisements to support it.

  3. If you are interested in advertising your products or services, or placing job ads on this site, please email to admin@pmhangout.com.

Forum How-to's:

  1. There are 2 types of posts - Discussion and Question. For Discussion, there is no correct answer. For Question, the original poster has the option to accept or reject the responses.

  2. There are 2 ways of categorizing a post - Categories and Tags. Categories are used for broader classification of topics. Tags are used for granular level classification. Regular members cannot add new Categories, but they can add new Tags.

  3. Bookmark / Follow feature - you can use this feature to "subscribe" to a discussion. You'll get an email notification whenever a new comment is posted on your bookmarked discussion. You can change your notification preferences under your account profile.

  4. You can edit your posts for up to 30 minutes of posting them. If you want to delete your post entirely, click on Edit, remove your original comments and put the new comment as 'Deleted' and save.

For more information, read Forum Features, Tips and Tricks.

Forum Do's

  1. Be respectful and polite to other forum members. It doesn't cost a penny to say 'Thank you'.

  2. Use the self-help option before starting a new discussion. Research your topic on the internet and use the search option on this forum to look for similar topics, before starting a new discussion.

  3. If you post a Question on the forum, and your question is answered, please "accept" or "reject" the answer. Your acceptance of a response is an indication to the moderator(s) that the discussion can be "Closed".

  4. Try to use existing tags wherever possible, instead of creating new ones.

Forum Don'ts

  1. Asking for free electronic copies of copyright protected material (books, software, etc.) is a sure shot way of getting banned from the forum. If don't believe us, then give it a try.

  2. In continuation of the previous point, do not post or upload any copyright protected material in this forum.

  3. Do not post any copyright protected sample questions on this forum. If you want to discuss sample questions from books or other websites, do not post the original question on the forum. Instead post the website link, book name and page number, or other reference to the original source, and discuss the question.

  4. Do not hijack others' posts (you probably know this already). For example, if someone posts a question in a new thread, do not post your own question (related or unrelated) as a response in the same thread. Start a new thread of your own. We don't charge anything for posting new discussions.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

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