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What is the difference between Schedule Model and Project Schedule?

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Schedule Model is mentioned 58 times in PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition compared to just 5 times in the Fourth Edition. So, here's a discussion topic for those preparing for PMP and CAPM exams:

What is the difference between Schedule Model and Project Schedule?


  • Schedule Model is a representation of the plan with the chosen schedule method (like CPM, CCM, etc) that in turn produces Project Schedule. Most of the time projects use scheduling software (like MS Project) for modelling in which we input project specific data like activities, milestones, duration, resources, activity dependencies and used generate what-if analysis, report & track project progress.

    Project Schedule is list of project activities & milestones with planned dates which is outcome of Scheduling Model.

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    This is an old topic but came up recently in another discussion. So, I'm reviving it. Thanks to Babou for an excellent response. I'm summarizing his response in the form of an equation to help people remember this concept better:

    Project Schedule = Schedule Model + Calendar Dates

    At the beginning of the project execution, the calendar dates would be the planned start and finish dates of the activities, but as the project activities are performed, the dates would be updated to reflect the actual start and finish dates of the activities.

    This is something that the PMBOK Guide should have clarified, but for past three editions (4th, 5th and 6th) it has failed to do so.

    Further comments are welcome.

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