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Hi All,

Last week i done with 35 hour preparation training and planning to schedule exam on End of Feb'13..... by doing 3-4 hour study plan ...

Issue I am facing.....

In bootcamp trainer taken us thru process group while covering 42 process...which looks greats for understanding point of view.

Where in book PMBOK and RITA it's explain by Knowledge area........

1) I am not comfortable reading by knowledge area
2) If i go by ready process groups...i miss questions which come end of every chapter (RITA)...as by process group i have to shuffle between chapter to complete each process group...

Can someone provide dump question by process group??

Thank in advance for reading....



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    Hello Manoj @ManRaturi,

    This a good topic.

    I don't have any question banks to share, and it would also be illegal to share such material, which is likely to be copyright protected.

    It's much easier to understand and explain the concepts when you go by Process Groups because it has some inherent chronological order to it. When I conducted a class for PMP, I also followed the same approach.

    But most books including the PMBOK Guide are organized by Knowledge Areas probably because once you have learned the concepts, reviewing them by Knowledge Areas is more efficient. Also note that PMP exam is scored by Process Groups whereas CAPM exam is scored by Knowledge Areas.

    My suggestion is to use the material provided by your course provider (I'm assuming it is organized by Process Groups) to understand the concepts first. Once you have understood the concepts, it should not be difficult to review them by Knowledge Areas.

    Best regards.

  • Thanks harwinder for your expert comments and suggestions.....

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