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I had checked out some of the posts here and I am curious to know how helpful Rita's guide is in preparing for the PMP..Moreover would you recommend some other study materials for the course preparation!!



  • Hi Asutosh,

    Frankly speaking I have never gone through Rita and also not even the PMBok. May be it is not a great idea, but it worked for me. From the beginning I decided to go ahead with a PMP training providers. I took advise from my colleagues and different blogs, bought (some free) few online courses to evaluate and finally decided to go ahead with PMstudy.

    It also depends on your budget. But yes, blogs like this are always here to help you, to clear your doubts and all.

    All the best!!

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    Hi @Ashutosh,

    Welcome to PM Hangout.

    If you are planning to go with the self-study option, I would suggest to keep aside a budget of $300 and invest in some good online courses, books, and sample exams.

    Coming to your question, personally I think Rita's book is the best, but it's not a good book to start with. You may want to start with Head First PMP, and then pick up Rita's book.

    If you need to get 35 Contact Hours, then PM Prepcast is a good option.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks Harwinder and Karlene,

    @Karlene: I have heard a lot of positive feedbacks about the PMstudy classroom training but not sure if their online course materials are equally effective..have you used their course materials! is it easy to comprehend?? Feedback is appreciated..

    @Harwinder: The reason I am confused about Rita's guide is because there has been a mixed review on it although it seems to be the most talked about thing on the blogs for PMP preperation..Some of the users have mentioned it to be very complicated. Is it so? Which one would be easy to comprehend as it is for self preperation.


  • Asutosh, Yes I initially started with PMstudy online course, and found it really helpful. Also one good thing is when I went to took their classroom course they gave me a similar amount of discount on the classroom fee.

  • @Karlene Thanks! Your feedback on PMstudy seems interesting. I just wanted to clarify on what you just mentioned now. Is it that if I purchase a PMstudy online course then I get some discount (say x%) on their classroom program or is that discount applicable on any of the repeat purchase?

  • @Ashutosh If you have taken the PMstudy online course, you would need to pay the course fee after deducting the amount already paid by you towards the online program. I did the same as well.

    I had initially opted for PMstudy's online course and when I was impressed by their materials, I went ahead and enrolled for their classroom program. Interestingly, i ended up paying the course fee minus the fee i had already paid towards the online course.

    Hope this clarifies your concern.

    Regards, Jenni

  • Thanks Jenni for the clarification..That sounds a good deal!!

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    @Ashutosh Wish you all the very best for your preparation! Hope you will have a wonderful experience with PMstudy as I am doing.

    I am pretty sure you will be quite confident about your preparation level once you take their classroom training program!!

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