Top PMI-ACP Exam Prep Tools

Passed PMP on 12/7/12!!!

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I am very happy to report I successfully passed the PMP exam. It was my 1st attempt but I don't consider that a big deal in my case since it took me around 18 months to study and prepare for it. I wanted to make sure I had a 360 degree, 3d-type of view of the entire methodology so I used several exam prep books and several different tools. Of the most significant tools and online resources were:

  • PMPrep Cast (, a fairly good and relatively inexpensive video tutorial
  • Exam Prep (, an outstanding exam simulator worth every $
  • BrainBok (, an amazing online process group, knowledge area and ITTO DB WITH simulator!
    These three tools brought the PMBoK to life for me

For reading, in addition to the PMBoK, of course, I recommend any of the books commonly referred to on PMP forums. The key point to note before anyone buys any of them is that some authors present the methodology from a knowledge area perspective while a couple others present it from a process group perspective. In my case I needed help in seeing both perspectives so I recommend anyone with the same tendencies/learning style to purchase one of each. Mulcahey's, Crowe's, and the Headfirst book provide excellent insight from the knowledge area perspective. Heldman and Cynthia Stackpole provide the methodology from a process group perspective. I personally recommend Cynthia Stackpole's book, PMP "Certification for Dummies" as an excellently written and presented book to pull it all together and "wrap it up", once you let your ego get around the title ;-). Of course the rules and recommendations are about to quickly change as authors prepare for PMBoK 5. I am so glad this conundrum and deadline is behind me!! Thank you to this resource and those who contribute to it!


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