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Changes changes...Please help

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In Some questions in Rita's and in other sites they advised the following:

1)There is no need all the time for separate entity for CCB.

2)Not all the changes needs to go through CCB depending on the change control system if the change is emergency then the PM needs to approve it.

Are the above points valid.

3)The sequence of the steps to process the change are:

a)PM Determine and look for a change.
b)PM Determine the Impact.
c)PM Determine options.
d)PM Write change request.
e)PM Send to the CCB.
f)CCB will assess.
g)CCB will approve or reject.
h)PM Update the change log.
i)PMUpdate the PM plan and Doc.

However, in Rita's Book Page 128 point "c" is after "f" which means CCB will provide the options, In the book they have listed "look for option" as point 5.b after Assess the change by the , Please clarify this.




  • I have been away for a while, but answering it anyway ...

    1. For the purpose of the PMP or CAPM exam, we assume that it's a large project, and such projects should have a CCB. Even for small projects, there has to be a formal or informal body (howsoever small) that performs the functions of a CCB.

    2. The process to handle an emergency change should also be documented in the Project Management Plan. If the Plan says that a PM can authorize an emergency change, then there's nothing wrong with it. Even if the PM approves the emergency change, the project team should still document the change and bring it to the attention of the CCB for a formal review of the change (after the change has been implemented).

    3. All the steps need not be done by the PM only. Otherwise, the steps you mentioned seem correct to me. The options should be determined by the project team beforehand, but of course CCB can also provide options.

    Hope that helps.

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