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Forum Features, Tips and Tricks

This forum has many features that members may not notice at first glance. So, I'm creating this post to capture some of those features, tips and tricks. This post will remain a work in progress and I'll update it regularly.


If you have used Facebook, you know what a Wall is. Every member in this forum has a wall. You can write on your wall by visiting your profile page, or you can post on other members' wall by visiting their profile page.

Notification Preferences

Members can update their email and other notification preferences by going to their profile page and clicking 'My Preferences' link. There are 2 types of notifications - email and pop-up message.

Mention Other Members

You can mention other members in your posts by using '@memberid' notation (for example @Admin). The mentioned member would get a notification email and/or pop-up message according to his/her notification preferences.

Send Private Message to other Members

You can send a private message to any other forum member by clicking on the link Send <member> a message on the member's profile page.

HTML and Markdown

You can use HTML in your posts. You can also use Markdown notations. If you are not familiar with Markdowns, you can get some quick tips on Daring Fireball website.


If you have used Gmail, then Tags are akin to Labels in Gmail. The difference is that the Tags are common across the entire forum. You are encouraged to use existing Tags wherever possible, rather than creating new tags. System would suggest existing tags as soon as you start typing in the Tags field. Tags are defined at the top level of each discussion. You can't specify tags for individual comments on a discussion.

Auto-save and Save as Draft

Your posts are automatically saved at regular intervals as you are typing your message. If you close your window before posting your message, you can always recover your saved message from your Drafts folder.

Quick Tips

For unordered list, start the line with an asterisk, plus, or hyphen. For example:

* Apples

* Oranges

* Bananas


+ Earth

+ Mars

+ Jupiter


- iPhone

- iPad

- iPod

For Ordered list use numbers followed by periods:

1. First list item

2. Second list item

3. Third list item

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