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PMP Test - Am I ready for the test?

Hi everyone,

I have been studying and working hard on preparing for the PMP test over the last 5 months. I have been told that I need to score 85% and above on practice tests before I go and take the exam. I have taken just about every test I can take. and I am averaging 75% on the test. Below are some of the tests sites I have used. I read the PMBOK guide, and I have read Rita Mulcahy twice. I took all of the test in her book again and below are my scores. I have focused my studying on HR, Communication and Risk management. I also have the chart memorized and I score pretty well around 70 to 75% on inputs and outputs. I really want to pass on my first try and want to be sure that I am ready. Any advice for me? By the way I have been accepted from PMI so all I need to do is pick a day and take the test. Thank you.

  • PMP Den
  • Exam Central
  • Oliver Lehmann (70%)
  • Head First
  • PM Aspire
  • Passionate PM
  • etc...

Rita Chapter scores
84% -4 25 Project Management Framework
84% -4 25 Project Management Processes
74% -11 43 Integration Management
80% -6 30 Scope Management
86% -5 38 Time Management
74% -10 39 Cost Management
71% -10 35 Quality Management
67% -11 34 Human Resource Management
66% -10 30 Communications Management
65% -14 40 Risk Management
73% -11 40 Procurement Management
80% -6 30 Professional and Social Responsibility


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    Hi @ssmith1120

    Each sample exam has a different level of difficulty. So, a fixed % for all exams doesn't mean much. Moreover, only the first attempt score matters. If you repeat an exam, then the score doesn't matter. As such your scores look good. If those are your first attempt scores, then you should be able to pass the real exam.

    But if you want to do an ultimate test of your exam readiness, then pick one of the BrainBOK's paid (not the free exam) PMP practice tests. If you manage to score 55% or more on your first attempt, then you should be all set. Disclosure - I'm affiliated with BrainBOK.

    Good luck for your exam. Do come back and share your exam result.

  • I will, thanks for your advice. I have taken the tests a few times each. I am going to try the BrainBok 100 question test and post my score.

  • You are welcome. The 100 question test is quite simple and not to the PMP standard. It's mostly meant to test the features of the software.

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