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Question #5 (Free Community-Sourced Sample Questions for PMP and CAPM Certification)

You are in the planning process of a $1b project. You realize that your schedule requires more resources in certain months of the project than that are available to you. Your senior management has clearly instructed that you will not be able to obtain any additional resources for the project. So, you instruct your planner to adjust the schedule to accommodate these constraints. What are you instructing the planner to do?

  1. Crashing
  2. Resource leveling
  3. Programme Evaluation and Review Technique
  4. Fast tracking

Please provide your answer with justification. Justifying your answer with explanation helps you to remember the concept and also help others to understand. Thanks.

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  • Hello Manick,

    I would like to give my point of view about this situation. According to the information given, I think it is impossible to take options 1 (Crashing), because I will not be able to obtain any additional resources for the project, & 3 (PERT), because estimation technique is not suitable for this situation.
    The other possible options, I am considering between 2 (Resource Leveling) and 4 (Fast Tracking).
    * Since there is no information about project constraint about duration, I assume that we can increase the project duration, and
    * Fast tracking is more risky than resource leveling.

    I pick Resource Leveling.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.


  • Hi Tanz,

    Good thought process. And you got it right.

  • It would have been good to add "Resource Smoothing" as one of the answer choices :)

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