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After study, I'm not sure if take the exam...

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Hi everybody,

I've been studying for my PMP Exam since 01-May-12 and I will take my exam the next 17-Jun-12. However I am not sure if take it because in my mock tests I've got 73%.

I studied the PMBOK once and Andy Crowe's book, also I review some chapters and tips in Rita's book. Additionally I made the chapter tests in After that I've presented 4 simulationes:

  1. FastTrack : 56%
  2. Simulated practice test 1 : 70.86%
  3. Simulated practice test 2 : 73.14%
  4. Simulated practice test 3 : 72.57%

I'm worried because I haven´t got a better score with the simulations and each time tha coaching or evalutaion about my answers show me different knowledge areas to improve (area with <60% score).

Now I only have a few days to complete my study, but I am nervious and I am not sure.

Please if you can give your advice, it could be very helpful for me.

Thank you,




  • Accepted Answer

    Hello @Helio,

    Welcome to PM Hangout. Sorry for the late response.

    Your scores on PM Study are not bad. But the scores on Fastrack are on the lower side. Since you have less than 2 days to go for the exam, I would suggest to shed your nervousness and go ahead with your exam. Focus on the weak areas, which you may have identified in the practice exams, spend more time with PMBOK, brush up on ITTOs, and review your study notes.

    I wish you all the best.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Harwinder,

    Thank you for your answer. Definitely, I will take the exam the next Sunday!

    I have been reviewing my notes, PMBOK, and I have took additional tests, and I got the follow results:

    1. Fastrack --> Integration Knowledge Area Test: 75%
    2. Fastrack --> PMP Complete Test (200 questions): 70%

    Right now I plan to answer some questions in Fastrack, related with Executing and Monitoring&Controlling Processes Groups; and maybe tomorrow, I will take my last PMP simulation in (or I am not sure if is better Fastrack... well I think any is ok).

    I think that I have studied as much as I could, so that all for now! I hope pass the exam... I am so nervous and anxious. But tomorrow at night I know that I have to relax...



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