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Does Developing Project Management Plan include Project Document ?

According to PMBOK 5th edition, page 78, states that "While the project management plan is one of the primary documents used to manage the project, other project documents are also used. These other documents are not part of the project management plan",
A requirement document and a project statement of work are part of the project document. I think both of them are not required in developing project management plan.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • Hi @tanz

    That's not correct. Any of the project documents can be inputs to the Project Management Plan. Project Management Plan is your "blueprint" for managing the project and delivering the products, services or results that the project was undertaken for. Project documents can be used as inputs to develop the Project Management Plan.

    Specifically in terms of PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition terminology:

    1. Project Statement of Work is used to develop the Project Charter, which in turn is used to develop the Project Management Plan. So statement of work could be a direct/indirect input to the Develop Project Management Plan process.

    2. Similarly, Requirements documentation is an output of Collect Requirements process (a Planning process), and outputs from any Planning process can be inputs to the Develop Project Management Plan process.

    Hope that answers your question.

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