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PMP Question - Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

I am wondering about one PMP question about Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. The question states that someone has offered the opportunity to become a Project Leader, but he declined the offer citing his desire to excel in the technical role and be recognized as a leading expert in his field.
I understand that the answer is he achieving Esteem Needs because he want to be recognized.
However, I wonder another situation. What if he accept the offer to become a project leader without any information about "his desire to excel in the technical role and be recognized as a leading expert in his field" ?
Is the answer still achieving Esteem Needs ?


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  • Hi @tanz

    The answer would depend upon the information given in the question. It cannot be answered without knowing the "needs" of the person in question. Basically, the idea is that every person has different needs. There's no one-size-fits-all. The rewards or incentives have to be designed by understanding the needs of each individual. If the person is inclined towards project leadership, offering such a role to that person would meet his/her needs.

    Hope that helps.

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