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Not sure where to go from here?

Hi, I have been studying for the PMP exam for a long time now. I am trying to pass on my first attempt. I have taken many practice tests and averaging around 75 to 85 percent. Over the weekend I signed up for Brainbok and took their test. I only scored 56% and i was only proficient in 2 knowledge areas. I am at a loss to where I go from here. This is what I have done so far.

Read Rita 2 times and taken all tests
Read Pmbok 5th edition 2 times.
Taken many tests.

I am having trouble determining the best answer. I always know which two answers can be used, but I just don't seem to determine the right one. suggestions?


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    Hi Steve,

    You seem to have covered your bases well. Your score on the BrainBOK exam is actually not bad. People who score 50-55% in their first attempt on that exam usually pass the real exam too.

    I would suggest that after each exam thoroughly review the answers that you got wrong, work on the gaps, and then take the next exam. Repeat this after each exam. If you do this part well, you should be fine.

    Use the ITTO Explorer, Quizzes and Flashcards too as much as your time permits.

    Hope that helps.

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