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Attempting questions for PMP

I am preparing for PMP. I have gone through PMBOK, Head First and Rita once each. Now I am going thro all the three for the second time. i am scoring 80% in Headfirst questions and around 65% in Rita. But when I attempt questions from ESI guide I score only upto 50%.
Yesterday got 70% in Andy Crowe as well. Should I use the ESI guide or I am fine without it.


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  • Hello @Sugss

    Personally I haven't tried ESI's questions. I hope others can pitch in. I think if you have access to ESI's exams, there's no harm in attempting them. The key is to find your weak areas and cover the gaps. Review the questions that you got wrong and try to understand why you got that wrong. That technique will help you prepare you for the real exam.

    Also, the scores in subsequent attempt do not matter much. It's how much you score on the first attempt that counts.

    Feel free to post more questions.

    Best regards,

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