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what are the constrains of project

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What are the constrains of project and which factor can lead a project to fail


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  • Limited time,budget,resources,technology,skill etc pose constraints to projects. One has to apply trade-offs between these objectives to move towards successful project completion.

    Not completing with in time, with in budget are two serious failures. Not able to achieve technical goals, deliverables with poor quality, bad management,leadership etc could lead to project failure.
    I just tried to give a glimpse of scenarios to this generic topic...hope you got the point...

  • For a project, there are majorly three constraints as time, cost and scope. Variation in any of them will have a direct effect on the others. For example, if the cost of a project decreases, it leads to less work gets done and reduced time to complete work. These constraints together have a major impact on the quality of work.

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